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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

weather.. diet or health.. on a Wednesday

early this morning, my concerned seatmate saw what I have just eaten for breakfast (a mushroom chicken pie and black coffee).. maybe she always noticed that I usually have that for breakfast..
well, the thing is, I just don't have any other choices other than that, else, a fastfood breakfast meal or beehoon (with egg and sausage). see what's common among these?
anyway, I got her point and I envy her thing on health consciousness. no wonder I am what I am now and get easily catch colds/have cough.
as she always say-- no need to diet, just look after what you eat. eat healthy, it's not only good for you, but also for your hubby and 'kids' (someday...) c",)
anyhoo, it was just a so-so Wednesday (I normally hate Wednesday.. hehe)..
good thing, 2 more days and it's again weekend! yipee! and hopefully by then, we have a nice weather here in SG..

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