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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

word for the day - 'Appreciate'

as usual, still been busy lately..coping, except from my (now irritating) cough.. i think it's due to weather..
good thing today is that i have the time to write my thoughts here.. =) too many worth-mentioning events but i failed to log here.. =(
moving on.. on my way home, this 'A' word just strikes me.. reminiscing some of today's events..
honestly, i do sometimes forget to show appreciation, even at the smallest things that (i know) i should really be thankful for. hmm, maybe today is just an eye-opener.. it doesn't always have to be 'big', what's important is that we know when to say 'Thank you'. it wouldn't hurt to reciprocate, right? c",)

on another note.. Finally, GLEE is back!!!.. so nice to see again Finn!!! yipee!!! pardon me, just an avid fan of this new series.. =P

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